Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall is an advanced technology that can protect web application against different kinds of hacking instantly. In short, it can:
  • Defense against web application attacks
  • Provide Content Distribution Network (CDN) for enhancing web performance
  • Prevent denial of service (DOS / DDOS) attack effectively
  • Stop bad bot activities
  • Suitable for web applications and mobile apps

Vulnerability Management Solution

Regularly checks for new vulnerabilities is crucial for preventing cybersecurity breaches. Keep monitoring the entire environment can help to identify vulnerability and patch instancly to prevent any exploitation of critial system.

Our vulnerability management solution can help to:

  • Eliminate blind spots - Complete visibility into network connected assets
  • Immediate Insight - Clear, actionable dashboard and report
  • Prove Compliance - Compliance check against industry standards
  • Proactively Address Threats - Identify threats and unexpected network changes
  • Prioritize Vulnerabilities - Understand the impact and prioritize remediation

Zero Trust Solution

Our solution protects East-West traffic and prevents the lateral movement of bad actors inside data centre and cloud environments.

The solution provides real-time application dependency mapping and security segmentation (sometimes referred to as micro-segmentation) capabilities to help organisations achieve regulatory compliance, securely migrate applications to the cloud, operationalise their Zero Trust strategy, and overcome many common data centre and cloud security challenges.

We make segmentation easier, safer, and faster to implement.

Orchestration & Automation

Harness the full power of your existing security investments with security orchestration, automation and response. With our solution, execute actions in seconds not hours.

Mobile App Security

In-App Protection is crucial to preserve and improve your business reputation!

These attacks can have devastating consequences. User data can be stolen, putting businesses at risk of regulatory compliance violations and bad publicity. Financial fraud can be committed, resulting in lost revenue. And, of course, there’s the loss of customer and shareholder trust, all having the eventual impact of brand reputation. If the attack goes on long enough, a business could sustain irreparable damage.

Protect your apps against Malware and safeguard sensitive inforamtion from cybercriminals.

APT Prevention Solution

Zero-days attacks, ransomware, spear phishing, account takeover and malicious content are the latest security threat (named as APT) for enterprise. It can deliver through web, email or file transfers and those activities are difficult to identify by traditional network security solutions.

Our APT prevent solution is offered to detect and response to those malicious activities with sandboxing and network activities correlation. It can identify malware delivery, lateral movement and abnormal activities.

With AI technology, the solution can quickly and accurately identify any intrusion activities happened in the environment and stop additional malicious activities. The deployment can cover customer entire environment including server zone, user zone and cloud platform as well.

Email Protection

Email is a common tool for enterprise to communicate with customers and partners. However, it is also a popluar method to distibute malware, phishing link and malicious file. Secure Email Gateway can help organization to prevent malware, phishing email and other form of attack distributed by Email

Our Email Security Solution involves:
  • Anti-spam, Auti-virus, Anti-malware and Ransomware
  • In-depth analysis with sandboxing solution
  • Machine learning to prevent zero-day threat
  • Isolation technology to prevent malware execution and phishing
  • Integrate with any email platform, such as Exchange, Office 365, Gmail etc.

Security Consulting Service

We are also offering security consulting service to our customer in order to enhance the security protection in applications, operation and user security sense

Our security consulting service includes:

  • Web Application Penetration Test - identify any security weekness in web application
  • Source Code Review - enhance the application code quality
  • Phishing Email Simulation - assess employee awareness and provide suitable security training
  • Custom Awareness Training - based on different industry and customer requirements, customize the security awareness training to employee

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